Sentence Examples with the word breezed

He breezed by her again.

Elise breezed by them, unaffected.

Rhyn breezed by him, much warmer in his jaguar shape than he.d been in his human shape.

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She breezed past him towards the entrance.

She frowned and he breezed past her, pulling the door open before the woman on the other side could knock.

He breezed by her and wrenched the door open, slamming it closed.

Furious, she stood and breezed past him, not surprised when he opted not to ride home with her.

Ingrid breezed by her and slammed the front door.

Brady, Dan, and another man breezed past her.

She heard the runner before she saw him and watched as one of the warriors breezed past her toward Ne'Rin.