Sentence Examples with the word breed

The trick was to breed men who could kill immortals without ever allowing them to become immortals themselves.

At Saluzzo in Piedmont there is a stock with hanging ears, arched face and tall stature, kept for its dairy qualities; and in the Biellese the merino breed is maintained by some of the larger proprietors.

They are longwool sheep, derived from the old Teeswater breed by crossing with Leicester rams. They have a tuft of wool on the forehead.

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Lowland rams put to breed half-bred and cross lambs receive about I lb of grain daily to prevent their falling off too rapidly in condition, as they would do if exclusively supported on mountain fare.

The Hampshire Down is another breed which owes much of its improved character to an infusion of Southdown blood.

And still this hair is growing now; this moment growing, and heat must breed it; but no, it's like that sort of common grass that will grow anywhere, between the earthy clefts of Greenland ice or in Vesuvius lava.

The breed is almost certainly derived from water-spaniels, with a strong admixture of Newfoundland blood.

The breed of horses has generally deteriorated since the demand for military purposes has declined with the establishment of British supremacy.

The latter were only recently introduced into the United States, though well known in Great Britain as the West Highland or Poltalloch terrier; an application which was made (1900) by some of their admirers for separate classification was refused by the Kennel Club, but afterwards it was granted, the breed being classified as the West Highland white terrier.

Although there are no means of ascertaining whether the extinct pigmy British sheep was clothed with hair or with wool, it is practically certain that some of the early European sheep retained hair like that of their wild ancestor; and there is accordingly no prima facie reason why the breed in question should not have been hairy.