Sentence Examples with the word breathed

She breathed in his familiar scent.

The scent of her lotion still hung in the room, and he breathed the amber-vanilla deeply.

Both breathed hard, and she noticed a red slash across Darian's face.

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Instead, he returned to the bedchamber and breathed deeply, calmed by her scent.

He looked at her without moving and saw that she wanted to draw a deep breath after stooping, but refrained from doing so and breathed cautiously.

Between the dialects which preserved the IndoEuropean velars (especially the breathed plosive q) as velars or back-palatals (gutturals), with or without the addition of a w-sound, and the dialects which converted the velars wholly into labials, for example, Latinian quis contrasted with Oscan, Volscian and Umbrian pis (see further LATIN LANGUAGE).

She breathed a silent sigh.

She breathed deeply of his spicy, virile smell, comforted by it.

She breathed deeply and closed her eyes, aware the portals wouldn't respond if she was remotely upset.

She and her bed still smelled of him, and she breathed deeply.