Sentence Examples with the word breathe

His speeches breathe the very spirit of the storm, and they were perhaps the greatest single factor in the development of the events of the time.

One of the most startling discoveries of the decade 1890-1900 was the fact that a number of forms are devoid of both gills and lungs, and breathe merely by the skin and the buccal mucose membrane (20).

Wiping her face, she forced herself to breathe steadily.

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The Nepidae breathe by means of a pair of long, grooved tail processes (really out-growths c, labrum; d, epipharynx.

I explained how the earth keeps the seeds warm and moist, until the little leaves are strong enough to push themselves out into the light and air where they can breathe and grow and bloom and make more seeds, from which other baby-plants shall grow.

Eckhart was a distinguished son of the Church; E but in reading his works we feel at once that we have passed into quite a different sphere of thought from that of the churchly mystics; we seem to leave the cloister behind and to breathe a freer atmosphere.

Oh, thou clear spirit, of thy fire thou madest me, and like a true child of fire, I breathe it back to thee.

Life depended upon a universally diffused ether, which animals breathe in from the atmosphere, and which is contained in all parts of the body.

She forced herself to breathe deeply and continued towards the distant road.

Every one knows that one at least of these older books, The German Theology, was a great favourite of Luther's; but there are many more in Hasak's collection which breathe the same spirit of piety and spiritual emulation.