Sentence Examples with the word breasted

His date, according to Petrie, is 3969-3908 B.C., but in the shorter chronology of Meyer, Breasted and others he reigned (23 years) about a thousand years later, c. 2900 B.C.

Alternative dates for Ramses II.: Maspero, The Struggle of the Nations (1897), P. 449, c. 1320-1255; Breasted (1906), 1292-1225; Meyer (1909), 1310-1244.

Before the discovery of the Kahun Sothic date, Professor Petrie Viedemann Meyer Petrie Breasted Maspero 1884.1884.1905-1906.1906.1904.

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The involuntary consternation of the moment caused him to leap, paddle in hand, out of the boat; and in such a way, that part of the slack whale line coming against his chest, he breasted it overboard with him, so as to become entangled in it, when at last plumping into the water.

Have been adopted by the Berlin school, including Erman, Steindorif (in Baedekers xxix Egypt) and Breasted in America.