Sentence Examples with the word breakwater

Between the extremities of these two piers and those of the breakwater are the two entrances to the harbour.

And is sheltered by a breakwater 1640 ft.

East of the breakwater and parallel to it for 2700 ft.

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This breakwater changed an open roadstead into a harbour completely sheltered on the most exposed or south-west side; but there was still liability in certain months to storms from the north-west and south-east.

After many years of labour and at a great expenditure of money the Great Western railway has constructed a fine breakwater and railway pier at Goodwick across the lower end of the bay, and an important passenger and goods traffic with Rosslare on the opposite Irish coast was inaugurated in 1906.

The co-operation of naval and military authorities was obtained for the construction, at imperial expense, of the breakwater designed to save Malta from being abandoned by long and deep draft modern vessels.

Inscriptions record repairs to the breakwater by Antoninus Pius in 139 in fulfilment of a promise made by Hadrian before his death.

There is a commodious harbour with breakwater and pier.

The canvas was laid in a hopper barge and there filled with the concrete and sewn up. The enormous bag was then dropped through a door in the bottom of the barge upon the breakwater foundation.

The east breakwater scheme, which would have covered the Platter's rocks - still very troublesome - and the Skinner's, was abandoned for buoys which mark the spots.