Sentence Examples with the word break-in

It was the second break-in in the neighborhood in the last month.

The break-in was only hours old and we knew the exact location from Howie's first visit.

Howie and Quinn dismissed a break-in at Julie's apartment as a random act of mischief as they were unaware she had perhaps spilled the beans by entering the contest.

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That unfortunate gaffe complicated matters and most likely was the impetus behind the break-in on Collingswood Avenue.

I filled him in on the details; skirting the reason Merrill Cooms didn't report the break-in to the police.

He may have only suspected a connection and his break-in no more than a fishing expedition but it proves his capabilities are admirable.

I reluctantly told her of Quinn's phone call, the Boston break-in and my fears, shared, apparently by Julie.

Suppose Alfred Nota and his pal Homer's break-in at Collingswood Avenue was just a cover-up and their true mission was to plant a listening device.

News of the break-in on Collingswood Avenue had traveled with the speed of an Olympic sprinter through the Parkside, Pennsylvania police department.