Sentence Examples with the word break up

Here the contents of certain cells break up endogenously into a great number of spores, which are distributed as a fine dust.

Prayer ends, as it began, the banquet; and we break up not in bands of brigands, nor in groups of vagabonds, nor do we burst out into debauchery..

In many cases the rivers as they approach the main stream break up into numerous branches, or spread their waters over vast flats.

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Until Athens recovered something of its old spirit, there must ever be a great standing danger, not for Athens only, but for Greece, - the danger that sooner or later, in some shape, from some quarter - no man could foretell the hour, the manner or the source - barbarian violence would break up the gracious and undefiled tradition of separate Hellenic life.

The following summary of some of the principal characteristics of half-a-dozen species will serve to show how such peculiarities can be utilized for systematic purposes: and others have shown that a ferment (zymase) can be extracted from yeast-cells which causes sugar to break up into carbon dioxide and alcohol.

Wellington followed, directing the Portuguese to remove all boats from the Mondego and Douro, and to break up roads north of the former river.

From the first he posed as an opponent of the Mountain, accused Robespierre of aiming at the dictatorship (25th of September 17 9 2), attacked Marat, and proposed to break up the commune of Paris.

It was felt that everything would suddenly break up and change, but up to the first of September nothing had done so.

I always heard marriage could break up a good friendship.

The United Irish League, founded in Mayo in 1898 by Mr William O'Brien, had recently become a sort of rival to the parliamentary party, its avowed object being to break up the great grass farms, and its methods resembling those of the old Land League.