Sentence Examples with the word branding

She touched him timidly, her cool hands branding him as heat coursed through him.

The Cork Butter Exchange, where classification of the various qualities is carried out by branding under the inspection of experts, was important in the early part of the 17th century, and an unbroken series of accounts dates from 1769 when the present market was founded.

She felt the heat --his heat --within her, branding her from the inside out.

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Unable to shake the feel of his hands branding her, she forced her gaze beyond the stream, where the walls of Tiyan were visible through brush.

The memory of his hands on her body, and his mouth branding her skin, made her ache to feel his touch again.

For, by representing the prosecution of its party-political objects as a championship of the Catholic Church, Ultramontanism seeks to acquire the support of the official organs of that Church, and the good will of all circles interested in her welfare; while at the same time it strives to discredit any attempt at opposition by branding it as an assault on the orthodox faith.

Later additions to the statute were devised to terrorize the laborer, by adding stripes and branding to his punishment, if he still remained recalcitrant or absconded.

By death, then the penalty changed to life imprisonment and branding of the right hand.

She still felt his hands branding her body.

It has been suggested that the name arose from the branding of such a measure with the head of an ox (see Notes and Queries, series iv.