Sentence Examples with the word branded

Darazi, who had acted independently in his apostolate, was branded by Hamza as a heretic, and thus, by a curious anomaly, he is actually held in detestation by the very sect which perhaps bears his name.

Many condemnations followed, and hundreds of politicals were immured in hideous dungeons, a state of things which provoked Gladstones famous letters to Lord Aberdeen, in which Bourbon rule was branded for all time as the negation of God erected into a system of government.

The possibility of his redemption, however, was in the 5th century branded as a heresy.

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Eck made no public reply; but in 1518 he circulated, privately at first, his Obelisci, in which Luther was branded as a Hussite.

The hot energy of Anshan branded her from the inside out, and she shuddered.

As a folly or a crime, and earnestness of every kind was branded with the name of enthusiasm.

He is branded by historians as the Caligula of the East, who took a delight in imposing on his subjects a variety of senseless and capricious regulations, and persecuting different sections of them by cruel and arbitrary measures.

Fluence - Origen had held the Spirit to be a creature - was branded as a heretic (Synod of Alexandria, 362; Council of Constantinople, 381); a strong support to Cappadocian or modern Trinitarianism.

His prudent reserve and imperturbable calmness were branded as stiffness and haughtiness.

Though these extremists were presently branded as heretics for their eccentric ultraascetic tenets (Montanists, Cathari), yet as early as Tertullian's time (c. A.D.