Sentence Examples with the word bracing

There is much sunshine, and the atmosphere is bracing and exhilarating.

Diagonal bracing or strutting is nowhere to be found, and in many cases mortises and other joints are such as very materially to weaken the timbers at their points of connection.

Jackson lingered in the shower; bracing his hands on the wall, letting the water run on the back of his neck.

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In KiushiO, Shikoku and the southern half of the main island, the months of July and August alone are marked by oppressive heat at the sea-level, while in elevated districts a cool and even bracing temperature may always be found, though the direct rays of the sun retain distressing power.

Suddenly, her bracing arm hit air.

But if the load is distributed to the bracing intersections by rail and cross girders, then the shear at C' will be greatest when the load extends to N, and will have the values wXADN and -wXNEB.

The valleys and coast belt, though practically free from malarial fever, are hot and humid, and fires in dwelling houses are seldom required even in the coolest months; the lower plateaus are cool and the air dry; the uplands are bracing and often very cold, with snow on the ground in winter.

The chains of each pair were connected by bracing so that they formed a stiff inverted arch resisting deformation in its place.

In all structures exposed to wind, if the resisting moments of the ordinary materials of construction, such as masonry, partitions, floors and connexions, are not sufficient to resist the moment of distortion due to wind pressure, taken in any direction on any part of the structure, additional bracing shall be introduced sufficient to make up the difference in the moments.

In general the climate is dry and bracing all over the plateau.