Sentence Examples with the word bracelet

She pushed herself away from the doorframe and retreated to her room, only to find the prisoner's bracelet didn't work.

Your bracelet acts as a sort of master key, so you can go anywhere in the whole house.

She raised her bracelet to the light, watching the colors reflect off of it and turning it pinkish-gold, like the prisoner's bracelet.

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Their distinguishing habiliments are long hair wound round a small dagger and bearing a comb inserted in it, a steel bracelet and short drawers.

After a surprised pause, she waved her bracelet in front of the internal access pad.

He wore a rose gold bracelet very similar to Romas's in all but color, and soft, dark boots.

A simple choker adorned her neck, a diamond tennis bracelet her wrist and she wore silver strappy heels he thought he had seen on Sarah.

Kiera approached the door in two quick steps, waved her bracelet in front of one then the second access pad, and pushed the door to hurry it.

The women wore two bronze pins, a bracelet on each arm, amber ornaments and a necklace of bronze tubes in spirals.

She fingered a bracelet Ashley started.