Sentence Examples with the word braced

Deidre braced herself for his violent reaction or words.

She focused hard on the image of Bianca and braced herself for Jonny's fiery touch.

When Xander moved closer once more, she braced herself but stayed still.

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Deidre braced herself, hoping not to feel the warm energy of his magic.

Jule focused first on the nearby wardrobe and braced himself against it.

On the other hand a framed or braced web afforded opportunity for much better arrangement of material, and it very soon became apparent that open web or lattice or braced girders were more economical of material than solid web girders, except for small spans.

She braced herself and pulled his power into her, struggling to control it while panic rose.

She braced herself, expecting pain when it reached her injury.

She braced herself and touched him.

One of the most beautiful graphical constructions regularly used by engineers and known as the method of reciprocal figures is that for finding the loads supported by the several members of a braced structure, having given a system of external loads.