Sentence Examples with the word bra

She didn't own a swimsuit, so bra and panties had been her option.

The female dealer was in her bra and a soaked pair of pants.

S.c, Subu m bra 1 tion of the two layers; st, Stomach.

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Then they caressed their way up her side, his thumb sliding under her bra and gently up the curve of her breast.

It didn't feel quite right, with a bra and new lingerie.

However, on the counter was a folded pair of jeans, a set of matching bra and underwear, and a sweater.

Never would she have thought that a push up bra was necessary with ample firm breasts, but they swelled from the bra in a way that was smooth and attractive.

All he remembered was Ethel Rosewater's bra size and the price of beer at Delaney's Market.

It was pointless to buy a bikini and wear it only once, so Carmen bought a black push-up bra and some skimpy black briefs trimmed with black ribbon.

She met Keaton at the door, scratching at a new spot under the band of her bra in the back.