Sentence Examples with the word boyfriend

You sleep with a wacko, your boyfriend won't return your calls.

Who'd think mighty-might would let a little thing like a boyfriend stop him.

In fact, if she'd stayed away from the beach this weekend altogether and had dinner with her doctor instead of causing her boyfriend to be eaten by a demon, she wouldn't be facing an Immortal mood beast or teaching Immortal children not to feed humans rocks.

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Julia and Rachel were looking forward to the event, and each had a boyfriend to drag along.

New apartment, shitty job, boyfriend I can't stand.

Like it was just waiting for her and her boyfriend to come home.

Something about him made her feel comfortable, or she wouldn't be sitting alone with a man dressed like the angel of death on the beach after dark, revealing secrets she didn't tell her boyfriend of two years.

The human lived here for a few years with a boyfriend that one of Darkyn's demons killed.

I found it upside down and figured it was the boyfriend at the bottom of your troubles.

It said her boyfriend was the person they were looking for and she knew for certain.