Sentence Examples with the word boycott

There was a boycott of the referendum on British membership of the Euro.

Our plan is to boycott the circus.

Naturally, the merchant resents any developments which exclude him, and some mild forms of boycott have occasionally been instituted.

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The Polish committee, which had been formed on a political basis, was dissolved after unprecedentedly stormy negotiations, due to discontent at the cession of Chelm (Kholm) to the Ukraine; the Poles threatened the rest of Austria with a boycott of food, and abstained from voting on the budget.

However, the magnitude of the Arab boycott of US products is minimized by economists.

He started life as a small tradesman; but turning to politics, he became a member of the corporation of Dublin, and made himself popular by his denunciation of municipal corruption and by his proposal of a boycott of English goods in Ireland, in retaliation for the restrictions imposed by the government on Irish commerce.

They will boycott the Senate poll.

This is the centre of the swadeshi movement for the boycott of English goods, of the most seditious speeches and writings and of conspiracies for the assassination of officials.

The union supporters will boycott the supermarket.

Petersburg, and he worked a good deal behind the scenes, inciting to violence, advising a boycott of the Duma, hostility to the Cadets, etc. But he did not play any part in the Soviet of workmen, and disappeared as soon as it became clear, after the crushing of the outbreak in Moscow, that the troops and the people were not on the side of the revolutionaries.