Sentence Examples with the word boxer

In spite of interruption caused by the Boxer outbreak, through communication was established in 1901.

It is alleged by some that the exercise of the powers gained by the Roman hierarchy was one cause of the Boxer outbreaks.

In 1870 there was a great outbreak concentrating in the massacres at Hankow and Tientsin; in 1891 at Hunan and in 1895 at Ku Cheng there: were other attacks which were only preliminary to the Boxer uprising of 1899-1900,, when 135 missionaries, besides 52 children.

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The old Swedish and Norwegian missionary societies work in South Africa, Madagascar and India; but large numbers of Scandinavians have been stirred up in missionary zeal, and have gone out to China in connexion with the China Inland Mission; several were massacred in the Boxer outbreaks.

Peking suffered severely during the Boxer movement and the siege of the legations in the summer of 1900.

Both the foreign concessions and the native city suffered severely during the hostilities resulting from the Boxer movement in June - July, 1900.

Athens fighting Philip has fared, he says, like an amateur boxer opposed to a skilled pugilist.

In China he made extensive surveys which, however, were interrupted by the Boxer outbreak; and he, together with his wife, were among those besieged at Tientsin.

Dean turned away and like a beaten boxer long after the bell had sounded, slowly returned to his room.

She wore an oversized shirt and boxer shorts, neither of which was hers.