Sentence Examples with the word box in

She twisted to stare at a large, wiry man with a whip-like body and a face that would scare Freddy Krueger standing in the middle of the apartment, her cat in one arm and the litter box in the other.

He'd left it in a jewelry box in the bedroom he'd shared with past-Death.

If they succeeded, they'd stick your guy... or girl, in a box in McLean and pump 'em dry.

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Thus if a lacquer box in the form of a parallelogram is the object, Japanese artists will not divide it in two equal parts by a perpendicular line, but by a diagonal, as offering a more pleasing line and division.

This figure of speech refers, not to a basket or box in which things can be stored, but to the baskets, used in India in excavations, as a means of handing on the earth from one worker to another.

He placed the box in his cargo pocket and joined the two teams in the chilly predawn morning.

Specimens on the bark of trees require pressure until the bark is dry, lest they become curled; and those growing on sand or friable soil, such as Coniocybefurfuracea, should be laid carefully on a layer of gum in the box in which they are intended to be kept.

The pilot light had gone out on the stove, so she took a match from the box in the cabinet and lit one of the candles.

A tow-haired boy happily dropped a Marlboro cigarette box in the churning water and then ran downstream to monitor its progress.

Nimbly springing up on the triangular raised box in the bow, the savage stood erect there, and with intensely eager eyes gazed off towards the spot where the chase had last been descried.