Sentence Examples with the word bowling green

He was city attorney for Louisiana (Mo.) and Bowling Green from 1878 to 1881, was prosecuting attorney for Pike co.

Its public buildings include the court house and the Federal building, both built of Bowling Green oolitic limestone.

From each end of the house a curved colonnade and a pavement lead westerly to a row of out-buildings which partially enclose a bowling green and spacious lawn with shaded drives and walks, and beautiful gardens (with trees planted by Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Lafayette and others).

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Many of the residences and business places of Bowling Green are heated by a privately owned central hot-water heating plant.

In Kentucky the Unionist victory was secured almost without a blow, and, even at the end of 1861, the Confederate outposts west of the Alleghenies lay no farther north than the line Columbus - Bowling Green - Cumberland Gap, though southern Missouri was still a contested ground.

St James's Park was transformed from marshy land into a deer park, bowling green and tennis court by Henry VIII., extended and laid out as a pleasure garden by Charles II., and rearranged according to the designs of John Nash in 1827-1829.