Sentence Examples with the word bowling

In the United Kingdom the regular bowling season extends from May day till the end of September or the middle of October.

Many of the residences and business places of Bowling Green are heated by a privately owned central hot-water heating plant.

In Kentucky the Unionist victory was secured almost without a blow, and, even at the end of 1861, the Confederate outposts west of the Alleghenies lay no farther north than the line Columbus - Bowling Green - Cumberland Gap, though southern Missouri was still a contested ground.

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Its public buildings include the court house and the Federal building, both built of Bowling Green oolitic limestone.

From Grangemouth on the Forth to Bowling on the Clyde.

But though the same statute absolutely prohibited bowling alleys, Henry VIII.

The Forth and Clyde Navigation runs from Bowling on the Clyde, through the north-western part of Glasgow and through Kirkintilloch and Falkirk to Grangemouth on the Forth, a distance of 35 m.

The former visit was commemorated by the institution of the Australia Cup, presented to the Imperial Bowling Association (and now the property of the English B.A.) by Mr Charles Wood, president of the Victorian Bowling Association.

He was city attorney for Louisiana (Mo.) and Bowling Green from 1878 to 1881, was prosecuting attorney for Pike co.

Here Fort Donelson on the Cumberland, Fort Henry on the Tennessee and Columbus on the Mississippi guarded the left of the Southern line, Sidney Johnston himself maintaining a precarious advanced position at Bowling Green, with his lieutenants, Zollicoffer and Crittenden, farther east at Mill Springs, and a small force under General Marshall in the mountains of eastern Kentucky.