Sentence Examples with the word bower

The name of Bower was derived from a queen's residence attached to the ancient royal hunting-lodge in the vicinity.

On the ground mainly of an examination of the sorus and sporangium, Bower has shown that the Filicaceae may be divided into three groups - the Simplices, Gradatae and Mixtae - in which the sporangia arise simultaneously, in basipetal succession, or irregularly in the sorus respectively.

WALTER BOWER (1385-1449), Scottish chronicler, was born about 1385 at Haddington.

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The additions of Bower form eleven books, and bring down the narrative to the death of King James I.

The development of these figures by a skilful bower is very fascinating.

The application of the important criteria which Bower has thus pointed out to the construction of a strictly phylogenetic classification of the Filicaceae cannot be made until the anatomy, the sexual generation and the palaeobotanical evidence have been further examined from this point of view.

I don't agree with him; but I suppose we shall have to leave our little bower very soon.

Crossing the Sining-Lhasa road a little south of the Dang la range, and about two days' journey north of Nagchuka, Captain Bower crossed the Su chu, and following a course parallel to the Giama-nu chu, he made his way to Riwoche and thence to Chiamdo, from which town he followed the Lhasa-Tachienlu high road to the latter town, which he reached on the 10th of February 1892.

The main work continued to be done in Latin, and to better purpose by Hector Boece (q.v.), John Major and George Buchanan (q.v.) than by the earlier annalists Fordun (q.v.) and Bower (q.v.).

Rejoining his caravan he turned westward, and passing through the country previously traversed by Bower and Littledale he reached Leh on the 10th of December Igo 1.