Sentence Examples with the word bounded

KIANG-SI, an eastern province of China, bounded N.

The Olympic games, so famous in Greek history, were celebrated once every four years, between the new and full moon first following the summer solstice, on the small plain named Olympia in Elis, which was bounded on one side by the river Alpheus, on another by the small tributary stream the Cladeus, and on the other two sides by mountains.

BIRBHUM, a district of British India in the Burdwan division of Bengal, situated in the Gangetic plain and partly on the hills, being bounded on the south by the river Ajai.

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Australia is bounded by the Timor Sea, the Arafura Sea and Torres Strait; on the E.

The Rocky Mountain region of Idaho is bounded by most of the state's irregular E.

The khanate is bounded on the E.

It is bounded by the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmora, and the Aegean; on the S.

The relief of the surface typically includes a central plain, Homology sometimes dipping below sea-level, bounded by lateral Homology of con- h i ghlands or mountain ranges, loftier on one side than.

Bohemia), a kingdom and crownland of Austria, bounded N.E.

Howie bounded out of the car and crossed to the newer side of the street where he had a better view of the few older buildings that remained.