Sentence Examples with the word bougainville

After the peace, when the French government conceived the project of colonizing the Falkland Islands, Bougainville undertook the task at his own expense.

LOUIS ANTOINE DE BOUGAINVILLE (1729-1811), French navigator, was born at Paris on the 11th of November 1729.

The islands (by convention of 1899) are divided unequally between Great Britain and German y, the boundary running through Bougainville Strait, so that that island and Buka belong to Germany (being officially administered from Kaiser Wilhelm's Land), but the rest (South Solomons) are British.

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Having executed his commission of delivering up the Falkland Islands to the Spanish, Bougainville proceeded on his expedition, and touched at Buenos Aires.

But in 1767 France ceded the islands to Spain, De Bougainville being employed as intermediary.

The islanders of the Bougainville Straits have lank, almost straight, black hair and very dark skins.

In 1764 the French explorer De Bougainville took possession of the islands on behalf of his country, and established a colony at Port Louis on Berkeley Sound.

Louis de Bougainville obtained a fuller acquaintance with the archipelago in 1768, and called them the Navigators' Islands (Iles des Navigateurs) .