Sentence Examples with the word boucher

The first actual find of a palaeolithic implement was that of a rudely fashioned flint in a sandbank at Menchecourt in 1841 by Boucher de Perthes.

Above the site of Red Wing, for the purpose, according to Charlevoix, of interposing a barrier between the warring Dakotas and Chippewas; and in 1727 Rene Boucher built on the shore of Lake Pepin a fort which, after various vicissitudes, was abandoned in 1753.

It was for these views that Joan Boucher of Kent was burnt in 1550.

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By his collection of flints Boucher de Perthes had been the first to attempt to establish the existence of man in remote ages; but it had been objected that if the flints were indeed the work of man, human remains would have been found in association with them.

It was in that year that the discoveries by Boucher de Perthes of flintimplements in France and England were first held to have clearly proved the great antiquity of man.

The Arabic geographer, Edrisi, who lived about r roo, is said by Boucher to give an account, though in a confused manner, of the polarity of the magnet (Hallam, Mid.

MOULIN QUIGNON, a quarry near Abbeville, France, celebrated for the discovery in 1863 by Boucher de Perthes of a human jaw-bone believed to be referable to the Quaternary period.

JONATHAN BOUCHER (1738-1804), English divine and philologist, was born in the hamlet of Blencogo, near Wigton, Cumberland, on the 12th of March 1738.

The evidence upon which these opinions were based had been gathered by such anthropologists as Schmerling, Boucher de Perthes and others, and it had to do chiefly with the finding of implements of human construction associated with the remains of extinct animals in the beds of caves, and with the recovery of similar antiquities from alluvial deposits the great age of which was demonstrated by their depth.

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