Sentence Examples with the word bothered

His conversation with Cece Baldwin bothered him all the way back to Parkside.

There was something else in her gaze and the firm set of her jaw that bothered him.

He realized what bothered him: If the unassuming woman turned out to be some sort of well-disguised assassin, he'd never know or sense her, until she was in front of him.

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Tamer hadn't bothered to put on a shirt, appearing as if he'd leapt out of bed the moment the wards alerted him.

I saw something today that bothered me.

It wasn't what bothered him about Jessi, though he remembered why he long ago took a vow never to let anyone close to him.

Dean asked, the one question that had bothered him from the start.

What bothered Dean most was his misread of Edith Shipton.

That's why it bothered me so much when Martha seemed to understand so quickly.

So it had bothered him to see them together.