Sentence Examples with the word bother

Dean didn't bother to mention certain rules of evidence that looked askance at pilfered items.

She didn't expect it to bother her as much as it did.

I'll make sure Arthur Atherton doesn't bother you.

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Nice cars, nice enough house, but the tour bus doesn't bother to point out their digs.

Yup. I can't see any of the ice climbers taking Shipton seriously enough to bother to dump him.

In celebration of Fred's return to Bird Song, Dean didn't bother to protest.

I won't get any blood on your carpet or bother any of the other guests.

A few Naturals were found every year, and he didn't bother to remember their names in an organization his size, leaving that level of detail to his most trusted men, the two regional commanders, and dozens of sector commanders worldwide.

Just put a sock on the doorknob or something so I don't bother you.

Dean did-n't even bother to answer.