Sentence Examples with the word boss

They brought with them iron, which they used for their long swords and for their cutting implements; the costume of both sexes was distinct from that of the Pelasgians; they used round shields with a central boss instead of the 8-shaped or rectangular shields of the latter; they fastened their garments with brooches, and burned their dead instead of burying them as did the Pelasgians.

My boss stepped in and called some favors and pissed on the fire, at least for now.

They protected themselves in battle with a large wooden or wicker shield, the centre of which was ornamented with an iron boss (umbo).

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In many cases, however, the groups point to the existence of some boss of rock of greater durability than those in the immediate neighbourhood, as in the Cuchullins and Red Hills of Skye and the group of granite cones of Ben Loyal, Sutherland.

Not unlike this is the style on the bilingual Hittite boss of Tarkudimme, where the skirt ends in a point nearly to the ground and one leg stands out bare to the front - the very favourite attitude.

Betsy's loving boss presented the most difficulty but she used the excuse her new husband was transferred to New Hampshire.

A boss she knew little about.

Now that he's the boss down here, it's a dangerous combination.

Hey, slave driver boss man.

My boss was going make me send a form letter back to each of them until she saw how many nuts there were out there.