Sentence Examples with the word bosch

The Strassburg or Bosch seismograph differs from those just described in resembling the Milne instrument, it is a horizontal and not a vertical pendulum.

C. de Gerlache, Histoire du royaume des Pays-Bas 1814-1830 (3 vols., 1859); Bosch J.

Mr. Bosch is currently in Miami with total impunity.

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The architectural and ornamental sculpture of the interior is mostly by the same artist, and there are a few interesting pictures, as well as some realistic wall paintings by the 18thcentury artist Jacob de Wit similar to those in the Huis ten Bosch near the Hague.

There are two classes of colonies, both originally established by the Maatschaapij van Weldadigheid (Society of Beneficence), a society founded by General van den Bosch (1780-1844) in 1818.

The words in lx, sc, it have been assimilated to words in s (x); from bosch we originally had the plural bosches; but now boscos; from Irist, tristes, but now tristos.

Owing to the general condition of poverty which prevailed after the French evacuation in the second decade of the 19th century, attention was turned to the means of industry offered by the unreclaimed heath-lands in the eastern provinces, and in 1818 the Society of Charity (Maatschappij van Weldadigkeid) was formed with Count van den Bosch at its head.