Sentence Examples with the word bornean

The native population consists of Malay fishermen, Chinese, Tamils and small shifting communities of Kadayans, Tutongs and other natives of the neighbouring Bornean coast.

Finally the larva of one of the Bornean Mantidae, which is a floral simulator in its pupal and adult stages, closely resembles in its black and red coloration the larva of the stinking and warningly coloured bug Eulyes amoena.

This may, however, be an instance of Miillerian rather than of Batesian mimicry, the beetle being itself inedible; for Shelford has stated his conviction that the Bornean representatives of the sub-family (Clytinae), to which Clytus arietis belongs, are all highly distasteful and are warningly coloured, as are members of this sub-family from other parts of the world.

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Balabac, Palawan and the Calamianes show a very strong Bornean element.

Another instance in this group is supplied by a Bornean species of Reduviidae which mimics a species of the genus Bracon, one of the parasitic Hymenoptera.

PROBOSCIS-MONKEY, a large, long-tailed, red Bornean species characterized by the extraordinary prolongation of the nose of the adult male, which hangs, however, down in front of the upper lip and does not stand straight out from the face in the manner commonly represented in pictures.

In the Bornean cult of the hawk it seems that the divine bird itself was regarded as having a foreknowledge of the future.

Finally Shelford states that the anterior end of a Bornean species (C. myodon) offers a striking and detailed resemblance to the head of a snake (Dendrophis pitta).

Sciurotamias have been proposed respectively for one Bornean and some four Chinese squirrels.

The Philippines, politically speaking, and the Philippines, zoologically speaking, are not identical areas; Balabac, Palawan and the Calamianes being characterized by the occurrence of numerous Bornean forms which are conspicuously absect from the remaining islands.