Sentence Examples with the word born

KARL EMIL FRANZOS (1848-1904), German novelist, was born of Jewish parentage on the 25th of October 1848 in Russian Podolia, and spent his early years at Czortkow in Galicia.

ARNAIL FRANCOIS JAUCOURT, MARQUIS DE (1757-1852), French politician, was born on the 14th of November 1757 at Tournon (Seine-et-Marne) of a Protestant family, protected by the prince de Conde, whose regiment he entered.

RUDOLF HERMANN LOTZE (1817-1881), German philosopher, was born in Bautzen on the 21st of May 1817, the son of a physician.

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HERMANN OLSHAUSEN (1796-1839), German theologian, was born at Oldeslohe in Holstein on the 21st of August 1796, and was educated at the universities of Kiel (1814) and Berlin (1816), where he was influenced by Schleiermacher and Neander.

WILLIAM JOHN MACQUORN RANKINE (1820-1872), Scottish engineer and physicist, was born at Edinburgh on the 5th of July 1820, and completed his education in its university.

GIOVANNI DELLA CASA (1503-1556), Italian poet, was born at Mugillo, in Tuscany, in 1503.

JUAN DE MARIANA (1536-1624), Spanish historian, was born at Talavera.

EDUARD SCHONFELD (1828-1891), German astronomer, was born at Hildburghausen, in the duchy of Meiningen, on the 22nd of December 1828.

EDWARD HAROLD BROWNE (1811-1891), English bishop, was born at Aylesbury and educated at Eton and Cambridge.

The women members were common property; the period of cohabitation was limited to three days, and the female Areois were bound by oath at initiation to strangle at birth any child born to them.