Sentence Examples with the word bored

I was bored after he kidnapped me and left me with his sisters, she replied.

Old trees are selected, from the bark of which it is observed to ooze in the early summer; holes are bored in the trunk, somewhat inclined upward towards the centre of the stem, in which, between the layers of wood, the turpentine is said to collect in small lacunae; wooden gutters placed in these holes convey the viscous fluid into little wooden pails hung on the end of each gutter; the secretion flows slowly all through the summer months, and a tree in proper condition yields from 6 to 8 Ib a year, and will continue to give an annual supply for thirty or forty years, being, however, rendered quite useless for timber by subjection to this process.

He stalked off, and Han glanced down from his bored stare at the ceiling.

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He had tried to teach her to play the piano many times through the years, but she always became bored within a week or so of practice and gave up.

From the first her society bored Peter unspeakably, and, after the birth of their second short-lived son Alexander, on the 3rd of October 1691, he practically deserted her.

Deep down inside, a voice suggested that he was getting bored with her and wanted to be a salesman again.

The other guests, bored by his technical answers to her questions, formed their own pockets of conversations.

Bows are made of it by the union of two pieces with many bands; and, the septa being bored out and the lengths joined together, it is employed, as we use leaden pipes, in transmitting water to reservoirs or gardens.

Fortunately, after a week or two, the public grew bored with the subject and it slipped away like a bear in winter.

Even the usually bored Dawkinses ooh-ed and aah-ed appropriately but the brothers seemed more interested in the locale of the various shots than the scenery and flora so beautifully presented.