Sentence Examples with the word bore

Thus, the sons inherited their fathers' hunting-ground, but bore their mothers' name and therewith the right to certain women for wives.

Their country bore some traces of Roman influence, and its main boundaries were the Inns, the Danube, the Lech and the Alps; but its complete settlement was a work of time.

Or that she bore them no ill will.

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In most cases this is a mollusc, and the larvae bore their way into the most diverse organs, often accumulating to such an extent as to give a distinctly orange colour to an otherwise colourless tissue, and to cause the demolition of particular structures e.g.

His nose bore the appearance of having been broken and set incorrectly more than once.

Accordingly, the boats now made for her, and were soon swayed up to their cranes--the two parts of the wrecked boat having been previously secured by her--and then hoisting everything to her side, and stacking her canvas high up, and sideways outstretching it with stun-sails, like the double-jointed wings of an albatross; the Pequod bore down in the leeward wake of Moby-Dick.

St Mary's church was opened in 1903, but occupies a site which bore a church in Saxon times, though the previous building dated only from 1786.

These two last bore the brunt of the unpopularity of the financial policy of the king during the latter half of his reign, when the vice of avarice seems to have grown upon him beyond all reason.

He bore himself like a captain of banditti rather than a king in his own country.

She took the hint but wondered who had hurt him so badly that he still bore a grudge thousands of years later.