Sentence Examples with the word booze

I realized booze wasn't the recommended wash-down with my pain medication but I wasn't driving any farm equipment and I really needed a stiff drink.

The scales showed seven pounds less, he was eating baskets of fruit and goody-goody health food, plus he'd laid off the booze completely.

Even if he wasn't directly involved, it's a small high school and booze parties are probably common knowledge.

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The chitchat roamed from details of Friday's luncheon to views on crime and punishment, which, as the booze went down, became more and more general.

You have to stop plying me with booze or I'll think you have evil intentions.

The jerk wanted me to buy him some booze and I wouldn't.

Then, in a fit of honesty, he apologized for having put away a bit too much booze after he dropped her off.

Nothing. Fitzgerald was dead set on busting some kids with booze so he'd have something juicy to brag about at the next day's debate.