Sentence Examples with the word book of esther

In the book of Esther the king of Persia is called Ahasuerus (rendered in LXX.

If, as seems probable, the earlier Greek version of the Book of Esther was made about 179 B.C. (Swete, Introduction of the Old Testament in Greek, p. 25), this suggestion of the connexion of Purim with the Maccabean period made by Haupt and, before him, by Willrich, falls to the ground.

Now it may be taken as admitted that the book of Esther was written in Persia, or by one who had lived in Persia, and not earlier than the 3rd century B.C. If now there is real weight in the points of contact between this story and the Arabian Nights - and the points of difference cannot be held to outweigh the resemblances between two legends, each of which is necessarily so far removed from the hypothetical common source - the inference is important for both stories.

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Xiii.); but the same argument would prove that the book of Esther was written before Ezra.

This is confirmed by the fact that the Book of Esther contains several Persian words and shows throughout a familiarity with Persian conditions.