Sentence Examples with the word bones

I figure them bones is another matter.

Mansel, too, was learned, specially in matters of Aristotelian exegesis, and much that is of value lies buried in his commentation of the dry bones of the Artis Logicae Rudimenta of Locke's contemporary Aldrich.

He dreamed of bones and babies and lost little girls.

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I don't care about all your bones foolishness, but Fitz buying the vodka scares me.

KoXXa, glue, and root yevof yevv6.aav, to produce, yiyvEo Oat, to become), the ground-substance of bones and tissues, is decomposed by boiling water or on warming with acids into substances named gelatin, glutin or glue.

Be that as it may, he declares that characters drawn from the sternum or the pelvis - hitherto deemed to be, next to the bones of the head, the most important portions of the bird's framework - are scarcely worth more, from a classificatory point of view, than characters drawn from the bill or the legs; while pterylological considerations, together with many others to which some systematists had attached more or less importance, can only assist, and apparently must never be taken to control, the force of evidence furnished by this bone of all bones - the anterior palatal.

I A), and never fuse into a complete cannon-bone;, and the navicular and cuboid bones of the tarsus are separate.

Fresh incidents were inserted, new motives suggested and speeches composed in order to infuse the required life and freshness into these dry bones of history.

When the Persian war was over the Delphic oracle bade the Athenians fetch the bones of Theseus from Scyrus, and' lay them in Attic earth.

Strutt has found that phosphatized nodules and bones are rich in radioactive constituents, and has brought this into relation with their geological age.