Sentence Examples with the word bond

The separate tribal units of Arabia, more or less impotent when divided and at war with one another, received for the first time an indissoluble bond of union from the prophet Mahomet, whose perfect knowledge of human nature (at least of Arab human nature) enabled him to formulate a religious system that was calculated.

The familiar demon blood bond script ran down one arm from his shoulder to his elbow.

The bond brought mates together, but it didn't create a relationship.

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We'll see just how strong your bond to him is.

The eccentric inventor of British spy gadgets in the James Bond movies, would be proud of that Moscow rock.

The Ionian geographers looked on the circular disk of the habitable world as surrounded by a mighty stream named Oceanus, the name of the primeval god, father of gods and men, and thus the bond of union between heaven and earth.

In November she visited him at Dunbar, and in December took place the conference at Craigmillar at which both were present, and at which the disposal of Darnley was arranged, Bothwell with some others subsequently signing the bond to accomplish his murder.

This last, the Anabaptist doctrine of the Lord's Supper, was to the effect that brothers and sisters in Christ should partake in remembrance of the death of Christ, and that they should thereby renew the bond of brotherly love as the basis of neighbourly life.

The softness of her body combined with the power of their bond jarred him.

After the death of St Patrick the bond between the numerous church families which his authority supplied was greatly relaxed; and the saint's most formidable opponents, the druids, probably regained much of their old power.