Sentence Examples with the word bonanza

This was followed by a reaction and a general collapse of inflated values until 1873, when the discovery of the Great Bonanza mine brought about a revival of industry and of speculation.

Let us assume the conditions prevailing upon a bonanza farm of 5000 acres, and briefly describe the process of wheat production from the ploughing of the land to the delivery of the grain in the final market.

In the early days of wheat-farming the bonanza farmer often speculated, but experience has taught him that he had better leave this to the men in the cities, and content himself with the profit from the business under his eye.

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Oil has been found in eighteen different districts, the fields being known as follows: - The Carter, Hilliard, Spring Valley and Twin Creek in Uinta county; the Popo Agie, Lander, Shoshone, Beaver and a part of Dutton in Fremont county; the Rattlesnake, Arrago, Oil Mountain and a part of Dutton, Powder river and Salt Creek in Natrona county; part of Powder river and Salt Creek in Johnson county; Newcastle in Weston county; Belle Fourche in Crook county; Douglas in Converse county and Bonanza in Bighorn county.

But we have described the conditions on one of the best bonanza farms. The average yield per acre in this region is not over 18 bushels, and the average expenses would be higher than those given.

Ethel took one glance at Dean's occupation and knew she had hit neither a financial bonanza nor a stepping-stone to anything but fiscal mediocrity.

The bonanza farmer expects one machine to cut at least 250 acres, and three men are required for each of them.

The elevator is placed at the railway station, and is usually owned by the bonanza farmer.

The bonanza farmers find it good policy to feed their men well.

Every bonanza farmer's office is connected by wire with the markets at Minneapolis, Chicago and Buffalo.