Sentence Examples with the word bombardment

Termor de on the Scheldt and Diest on the Dender are retained as nominally fortified positions, but neither could resist a regular bombardment for more than a few hours, as their casemates are not bomb-proof.

The Egyptians made quite as good a stand as could be expected, but were driven from their guns, which they were unable to use with adequate effect; and the bombardment of Alexandria confirms previous experience that the fire of ships cannot really compete with that of well-mounted and well-handled guns on shore.

The heavy mist, and the fact that the weight of the enemy bombardment had worked great destruction among the telephone wires, combined to prevent any effective reply on the part of the Italian guns.

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During the bombardment of Copenhagen Baird was wounded.

Except Kom ed-Dik the forts have not been repaired since the bombardment of 1882.

The bombardment began on the 19th of August and continued for three days, while the infantry was spreading along the front and gaining ground where it could.

To screen the city from bombardment they would have to be carried 3 m.

Some British vessels carried out a brief bombardment of the Ottoman batteries at the mouth of the Dardanelles on Nov.

On the 10th an ultimatum was sent to Toulba Pasha, the military commandant, intimating that the bombardment would commence at sunrise on the following morning unless the batteries on the isthmus of Ras-el-Tin and the southern shore of the harbour of Alexandria were previously surrendered for the purpose of disarming.

During his long service as a lieutenant he took part in the bombardment of Tripoli, and on a subsequent occasion showed great firmness in resisting the seizure of a seaman as an alleged deserter from the British navy, his ship at the time lying under the guns of Gibraltar.