Sentence Examples with the word bolt

She lifted her head to look at him, unable to tell if he meant it as a joke and ready to bolt if not.

A jagged bolt of lightning pierced the angry black clouds, and she moved away from the edge of the porch.

He rose and went to the door to bolt and lock it.

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But suddenly, while he was trying to rouse public opinion against the treaties of 1815, the news of the battle of K6niggratz came as a bolt from the blue to ruin his hopes.

A coarse screw-thread is formed in the upper part of the inner cup, and this screws on to the end of the iron bolt by which it is supported.

For a minute there I thought you were going to bolt and run.

These consist essentially of links formed of a pair of parallel plates joined by a central bolt forming a scissors joint which is connected by chain links to the cage below and the winding-rope above.

Queequeg's supplemental bolt remained unwithdrawn within.

I had no lock nor bolt but for the desk which held my papers, not even a nail to put over my latch or windows.

The robed man sent what looked like a lightning bolt down the hall.