Sentence Examples with the word bolshevist

Under these circumstances the Bolshevist advance reached its culminating point in May 1919, when the Soviet armies occupied Telshi and Shavli in the north and Olita in the south, thus threatening Kovno itself.

The course taken by Bolshevist rule in Russia is narrated in the article Russia.

But after the Armistice the unsatisfactory consequences of the peace negotiations, the heavy burden of suffering and loss caused by the war, and, above all, the intolerable internal policy of the Nitti Cabinet, which seemed prepared to hand the country over to the Bolshevist Socialists, brought about the return of Giolitti to the sphere of practical politics once more.

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This crime was speedily followed by the Bolshevist chaos into which Munich was for a brief period plunged in April.

In their withdrawal, by a historic disregard of fair play, the Germans not merely refused to put at the disposal of the Lithuanian authorities the necessary means of defence, but under a military convention allowed the Bolshevist troops to march into evacuated zones at a mean distance of io kilometres.

On Dec. 18 they went so far as to demand national representation of their own at the peace negotiations with Bolshevist Russia at Brest Litovsk.

The great majority of the Bavarian Catholic Volkspartei, however, as well as Liberals of various shades, not to speak of the Royalists and reactionaries, wanted further guarantees against a recurrence of the Bolshevist terror.

His policy during the occupation of the factories by the workmen organized by Bolshevist leaders in Sept.

At the time of the Bolshevist rule in Hungary he was held prisoner as a hostage.

Thus in lieu of the German appeared the Bolshevist menace.