Sentence Examples with the word bois

The hardships of the longer winter siege of Meaux broke down his health, and he died at Bois de Vincennes on the 31st of August 1422.

Having taken Meaux on the 2nd of May 1429, and made his entry into Paris on the 30th of May, the died on the 31st of August in the Bois de Vincennes, leaving the throne to his son, Henry VI., with the duke of Bedford as regent in France.

His early military education was the best and most practical then attainable, primarily because he had the good fortune to come under the influence of men of exceptional ability - Baron du Keile, Bois Roger and others.

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Corps, set his two divisions in motion towards La Folie and the Bois de la Cusse, and advanced to reconnoitre the French position.

The Bois de la Cambre (456 acres) on the outskirts of Brussels was formed out of the forest, and beyond it stretches the Foret de Soignies, still so called, to Tervueren, Groenendael, and Argenteuil close to Mont Saint Jean and Waterloo.

From the centre, the works near the Belfort-Miilhausen railway being somewhat more advanced, and in the western (from Salbert to Fort Bois d'Oye on the lower Savoureuse) they are advanced to about the same distance.

An excellent summary regarding the magnetic properties of matter, with many tables and references, has been compiled by du Bois (Report to the Congres Int.

For the practical measurement of field intensity du Bois has used plates of the densest Jena flint glass.

This school used to occupy part of the old abbey of the Cambre, situated in a hollow near the bois and the avenue Louise, but owing to its insanitary position it has been removed to a new building near the Cinquantenaire.

Du Bois has deduced the corresponding mean demagnetizing factors.