Sentence Examples with the word bog

Grapes are grown on the mountain sides, cranberries on the bog lands near the coast, and nuts in the S.E.

To her credit, the little car wasn't meant for rough country, but Katie let up on the accelerator when the car started to bog down.

From the middle of the 17th century the smelting of this metal began to be of importance in Massachusetts Bay and vicinity, and by the close of the century there had been a large number of ironworks established in that colony, which, for a century after its settlement, was the chief seat of the iron manufacture in America, bog ores, taken from the bottom of the ponds, being chiefly used.

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The red whortleberry or cowberry (Vaccinium Vitis idaea), the bog whortleberry (V.

Ynys, an island, or hill in the midst of a bog - Ynys Enlli (the Welsh name for Bardsey Islands), Ynyshir, Clynrynys.

The bog horsetail, E.

Schmidt xanthosiderite, from 1'avOos (yellow) and otSnpos (iron), contains Fe 2 0(OH) 4, or Fe 2 0 3.2H 2 O; whilst the bog ore known as limnite, from At vn (marsh) has the formula Fe(OH) 3, or Fe203.3H20.

The criticisms were directed chiefly to the inclusion of sand dune plants among halophytes, to the exclusion of halophytes from xerophytes, to the inclusion of bog xerophytes among hydrophytes, to the inclusion of all conifers among xerophytes and of all deciduous trees among mesophytes, and to the group of mesophytes in general.

The tundra passes by imperceptible gradations into the moor, bog and heath of warmer climates.

The eastern portion of the county is generally of a light friable soil; the southern portion rocky and barren, with but little bog except in the neighbourhood of Newtown-Hamilton.