Sentence Examples with the word body and soul

Placing a small portion of the consecrated bread into the chalice symbolizing the reunion of Christ's body and soul at the resurrection.

Hence, when he returns to organisms, it does not surprise us that he assigns to ova and spermatozoa cell-souls, to the impregnated ovum germ-soul, to plants tissue-souls, to animals nerve-souls; or that he regards man's body and soul as born together in the impregnated ovum, and gradually evolved from the bodies and souls of lower animals.

Two natures may form a unity, as the body and soul in man.

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The contentment that consumed her body and soul wasn't merely the satisfaction of lovemaking.

But his main reliance is on the passage in the Kritik, where Kant, speaking of the Cartesian difficulty of communication between body and soul, suggests that, however body and soul appear to be different in the phenomena of outer and inner sense, what lies as thing in itself at the basis of the phenomena of both may perhaps be not so heterogeneous (ungleichartig) after all.