Sentence Examples with the word blue ridge

Slope of the Blue Ridge is almost imperceptible, or confused with the numerous mountain slopes that rise above it.

The Piedmont Plateau Region extends from this line to the Blue Ridge Escarpment, toward which its mean elevation increases at the rate of about 32 ft.

The main watershed follows a tortuous course which crosses the mountainous belt just north of New river in Virginia; south of this the rivers head in the Blue Ridge, cross the higher Unakas, receive important tributaries from the Great Valley, and traversing the Cumberland Plateau in spreading gorges, escape by way of the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers to the Ohio and Mississippi, and thus to the Gulf of Mexico; in the central section the rivers, rising in or beyond the Valley Ridges, flow through great gorges (water gaps) to the Great Valley, and by southeasterly courses across the Blue Ridge to tidal estuaries penetrating the coastal plain; in the northern section the water-parting lies on the inland side of the mountainous belt, the main lines of drainage running from north to south.

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Above sea-level, near the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, its climate and scenery attracting summer visitors.

Farther west the serrated crests of the Blue Ridge overlook the Greater Appalachian Valley, here 73 m.

The Blue Ridge and Newer Appalachian regions are covered with pine, hemlock, white oak, cherry and yellow poplar; while that portion of these provinces lying in the S.W.

Slope of the Blue Ridge rise the Broad, the Catawba and the Yadkin, which flow for some distance a little N.

In the Virginia Blue Ridge the following are the highest peaks east of New river: Mount Weather (about 1850 ft.), Mary's Rock (3523), Peaks of Otter (4001 and 3875), Stony Man (4031), Hawks Bill (4066).

Face of the Blue Ridge Escarpment, which rises precipitously1200-1500ft.

UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, a state institution for higher education, situated at Charlottesville among the foot-hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.