Sentence Examples with the word blotched

The hen-bird commonly lays three clay-coloured eggs, blotched with black, in a very slight hollow on the ground not far from the sea.

The nest, contrary to the habits of most Limicolae, is generally placed under a ledge of rock which shelters the bird from observation,' and therein are laid four eggs, of a light olive-green, closely blotched with brown, and hardly to be mistaken for those of any other bird.

I.-Skins Of The Blotched Domestic Cat, Showing Some Of The Variations To Which The Pattern Is Liable.

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Herein are laid from six to nine eggs, of a pale bluish-green freckled with brown and blotched with ash-colour.

C. capensis, while the legs are fully spotted and the colour-pattern on the body (especially in the last-named) is more of a blotched type, that The North African or Nubian Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis).

The origin of the blotched as a special type is wholly unknown.

A very ancient British breed is the black Pembroke; and when this breed tends to albinism, the ears and muzzle, and more rarely the fetlocks, remain completely black, or very dark grey, although the colour elsewhere is whitish, more or less flecked and blotched with pale grey.

A genus much represented is Culcasia, and swampy localities are thickly set with the giant Cyrtosperma arum, with flower spathes that are blotched with deep purple.

The eggs are four in number, of a dark olive colour, blotched and spotted with rich brown.

The eggs, from three to six in number, are of a pale bluish-green, blotched and spotted with light yellowish-brown.