Sentence Examples with the word blossoming

On an eminence east-south-east of Argostoli are the ruins of the ancient Cranii, and Lixouri is close to or upon those of Pale; while on the other side of the island are the remains of Samos on the bay of the same name, of Proni or Pronni, farther south above the vale of Rakli and its blossoming oleanders, and of an unknown city near the village of Scala.

He pointed to a blossoming rainbow.

She felt happy and as if she were blossoming under the praise of this dear Countess Bezukhova who had formerly seemed to her so unapproachable and important and was now so kind to her.

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The town is surrounded by apple orchards and in May miles of blossoming trees make a beautiful sight.

It seemed to Pierre that this comet fully responded to what was passing in his own softened and uplifted soul, now blossoming into a new life.

He woke abruptly, a smile blossoming on his face.

I love the beautiful spring, because the budding trees and the blossoming flowers and the tender green leaves fill my heart with joy.

I didn't mention his blossoming love life, but expressed concern over his serious problem of nightmares.

Edith Shipton, all abeam, took the Deans aside to tell them how thrilled she was with her son Donnie's blossoming relationship with his father.