Sentence Examples with the word blooming

As garden plants the Phyllocacti are amongst the most ornamental of the whole family, being of easy culture, free blooming and remarkably showy, the colour of the flowers ranging from rich crimson, through rosepink to creamy white.

The bed and breakfast had a full complement of guests for the first time in this, their second season, the domestic help opening seemed about to be filled, the weather was beautiful, the flowers were blooming and David Dean's campaign for sheriff looked promising.

Charming every early blooming dwarf ranunculaceous herbs.

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One whole summer, sometimes two, must elapse before the layers will be fully rooted in the case of woody plants; but such plants as carnations and picotees, which are usually propagated in this way, in favourable seasons take only a few weeks to root, as they are layered towards the end of the blooming season in July, and are taken off and planted separately early in the autumn.

The autumn blooming kinds include many plants of very great beauty.

It clothes the chalk cuttings on some English railways with a sheet of colour in the blooming season.

She shivered at the sensations, desire blooming hot and fast within her.

You wore that dress the same color as the blooming apple trees.

Then generally the plant is allowed to grow away till bloom or blooming shoots are developed.

The turning of them outdoors to ripen their growth is the surest way to obtain flowers, but they do not take on a free blooming habit until they have attained some age.