Sentence Examples with the word bloody

The only bright pages in the dark chapter of Alexander's popedom are his efforts on behalf of the Turkish War (1499-1502), his activity for the diffusion of Christianity in America, and his judicial awards (May 3-4, 1 493) on the question of the colonial empires of Spain and Portugal, by which he avoided a bloody war.

Under these circumstances, Nathaniel Bacon (1647-1676), whose grandfather was a cousin of Francis Bacon, took up the cause of the borderers and severely punished the Indians at the battle of Bloody Run.

After a bloody defeat at the hands of the neighbouring mountaineers (409) the Spartan governor quarrelled with the native settlers, whom he expelled in 399.

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Meantime, Sulla having left Italy for the Mithradatic war, Cinna's sudden and violent revolution put the senate at the mercy of the popular leaders, and Marius greedily caught at the opportunity of a bloody vengeance, which became in fact a reign of terror in which senators and nobles were slaughtered wholesale.

The scene of slaughter is still called the Bloody Fields, and Easter Monday denominated Black Monday.

A very obstinate and bloody two days' battle ended in Bragg's retirement towards Chattanooga.

On the following day the Boer attack on an armoured train at Kraaipan, a railway station in Cape Colony south of Mafeking and close to the western frontier of the Transvaal, witnessed the first hostile shot of a bloody war, destined to plunge South Africa into strife for two years and a half.

Ahab has that that's bloody on his mind.

Her mate, her only love, was nothing more than bloody pulp.

She followed the plan, had the picture in-hand and was locking the door to the house when Brutus wandered up with a bloody muzzle.