Sentence Examples with the word bloodsucking

The proboscis of tsetse-flies is without the paired piercing stilets (mandibles and maxillae) possessed by other bloodsucking Diptera, such as the female horse-flies and mosquitoes.

Her lightheadedness was gone and she was grateful his bloodsucking was pain free.

In parasitic bloodsucking forms the mandibles often have the shape of piercing stylets, and are enclosed in a tubular proboscis formed by the union of the upper lip (labrum) with the lower lip (hypostome or paragnatha).

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In many bloodsucking flies, for example, the galea is absent, while the lacinia becomes a strong knife-like piercer and the palp is well developed.

The three vamps were spread out around the foyer and trailed her like bloodsucking puppies as she moved down the hallway.

The recent discovery of a bloodsucking maggot, which is found in native huts throughout the greater part of tropical and subtropical Africa, and attacks the inmates when asleep, is of great interest.