Sentence Examples with the word bloodshot

His bloodshot gaze wandered over her figure in a way that made her regret leaving her beach robe in the house.

Dean rubbed his bloodshot eyes.

Her eyes were probably bloodshot and tears were beginning to blur her vision.

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In Aeschylus, the Erinyes are represented as awful, Gorgon-like women, wearing long black robes, with snaky locks, bloodshot eyes and claw-like nails.

Pierre looked around him with bloodshot eyes and did not reply.

Her eyes were bloodshot and her face swollen from crying.

His eyes were bloodshot and a little glassy.

But those wild eyes met his, as the bloodshot eyes of the prairie wolves meet the eye of their leader, ere he rushes on at their head in the trail of the bison; but, alas! only to fall into the hidden snare of the Indian.

Dulce's eyes were bloodshot and her cheeks were covered with tears.

Her eyes were bloodshot but otherwise she looked pale lying on the sheets like a limp doll.